Press conference in Brussels 21st August 2018. Chief negotiator of the EU Michel Barnier with his British counterpart Dominic Raab

Britons living in Spain are currently wondering, “Am I going to be considered a European citizen or not? What rights will I have? Will I be entitled to Social Security? What will happen to my employment contract ? And what about my pension? We are all continually receiving confusing – and confused - information about Brexit.

As a result of this many British men and women are asking us to carry out the procedure for them to acquire Spanish nationality. This has given us considerable experience in the procedure and as a result we are always up to date with any changes.

Are you thinking about applying for Spanish nationality? We know that this is not a simple decision. Think about it as soon as possible and contact us: we want to help you.

On the 23rd August we were worried to read that the United Kingdom has published 24 technical notes which listed the consequences and the preventative measures to adopt in the event of a Brexit with no agreement – alerting us to the reality of that possibility.

Meanwhile on the 21st August at a press conference in Brussels it was made clear that the United Kingdom and Europe must reach an agreement before the beginning of November so that that can be an agreement and to allow its subsequent ratification before the actual departure planned originally for March 2019. However, “This could be at the beginning of November but not long afterwards,”said Michel Barnier recently.

At Bennet and Rey we can help you with any questions related to this and provide you with information. Since March 2017 we have been organising talks in order to give people information on the consequences of Brexit.

If you wish to apply for Spanish nationality, you only have to contact us: we are experts in migration law and we have considerable experience in the procedure of applying for Spanish nationality on behalf of British citizens.

Start your application now. We shall be pleased to help you.
Send an email to or call us on 34 699 719 306 or 34 91 186 32 68

The time when nobody ever has to say “Me too” again


It’s impossible not to mention the emotive speech made by Oprah Winfrey on the 7th of January 2018, when she received the Cecil B. Demille award at the Golden Globes.

As a lawyer, as a woman, as a defender of equality among all human beings, I applaud all assertions that shed light upon any type of abuse towards another human.

I hope that the “Me too” campaign will provide an incentive for internal reflection and that from now onwards, a woman or man who has been abused or forced to do something against their will can feel empowered to denounce this injustice.

I admire the many strong women who were brave enough to denounce and to those bold and brilliant men who dared to support them. Without them movements like “Me too” would be impossible.

However, there is a long way to go. In many countries this movement hasn’t been mentioned,

– Is abuse non-existent in these countries?

– Are there not oligarchs in these countries who demand sex, usually to young people, in exchange of a deserved role or job?

– Do they not sabotage, ignore or silence that teacher, soldier or office worker who denounces? You know the answer.

Meanwhile many lawyers, like myself, feel proud to play an important role in this chain of denouncements.
As lawyers we will listen, pay attention, denounce and find solutions to defend, in the words of Oprah… ” it will be because of a lot of magnificent women, many of whom are right here in this room tonight, and some pretty phenomenal men, fighting hard to make sure that they become the leaders who take us to the time when nobody ever has to say “me too” again”…


Legal Hackathon Law Congress

Amazing, amusing and so useful! That was the Legal Hackathon Law Congress celebrated in Madrid, this 9th and 10th June. The first congress where Law and IT go together hand in hand, and so useful for me as a lawyer.

Excellently organised by Tucho (Ignacio Rodriguez), with an amazing and fun presenter Barbara Roman Mendez (Princess) who made us all laugh and focus our attention on the interesting speakers who participated.

The congress was opened by our Dean Ms. Sonia Gumpert, with a very interesting speech, making us see at one point how an author like Dickens can be so modern these days… It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness,( The tale of two cities).

On the Friday I went home astonished and worried, first because of the presentatation of Tucho about the work conditions of our colleagues, in countries where there is no freedom, and where lawyers, their family and their belongings are under the control of the legal system of the country - countries where the word liberty does not exist and where our colleagues put their lives in danger in order to fight for the rights of their clients.

After this, I was genuinely shocked when Eduardo Sanchez and Miguel Arroyo did a Ciberattack in real time. They showed us how easy is to attack a web page and how exposed we are all. Luckily we calmed down with their useful tips to implement security.


Saturday morning was excellent: how useful the presentation was on marketing for lawyers, given by David Ruiz de Uceta, and the tips from the knowledgeable Javier Ortega, who told us how to close a deal with clients. Very interesting also the speech of our colleague Sonsoles Valero, about the language of lawyers.

In the afternoon Paloma Llaneza - as she usually does - left us astonished, discussing current trends and how she pictured the future. What a challenge for a lawyer,as she said. And there were interesting speeches from Rafael Zaragoza, Jose Medina García, Carlos Argemí and Ernest Iguacen. How interesting also was the research Lefebvre El Derecho did about the IT habits in law offices.

All the speakers were excellent, and the atmosphere among us was amazing. I had the opportunity to meet fellow lawyers, some specialised in IT like Margarita Sanchez and Alicia de Frutos Diaz, and also the future Judge Rafael José Delgado Vivar.

I took a picture of them, and of course I couldn’t resist having a picture with Barbara (our princess), an excellent presenter and lawyer, who was always looking after us. The congress closed with a speech from the Dean of the Malaga Bar Association.

Thanks, Legal Hackathon, for this useful congress! Hope to see you all again in Málaga next year


“Post-Brexit: what are the issues that will affect you?”

On the 23rd May Margaret Hauschild Rey, of Bennet & Rey Lawyers/Abogados, gave a talk in the University of Villanueva in Madrid entitled “Post-Brexit: what are the issues that will affect you?”

The talk was in English and was aimed at the British community resident in Spain.

The session began with a minute's silence in memory of the victims of the bombing carried out the previous day in Manchester, England. Then after an introduction and welcome from Nigel Bennet, Margaret Hauschild started her address with thanks to the University of Villanueva.

She made it clear that the talk did not have any political motive and that its purpose was not to discuss the pros and cons of Brexit.

The aim was to deal from a legal point of view - in a clear and direct way - with concerns which affect the British community in their lives here and with the consequences which could take effect in the event of Britain leaving Europe.

Amongst other things she dealt with problems involving residence, nationality, and work contracts - which all helped to achieve the purpose of the talk.

From the start those present could ask questions as she went though the different topics, and at the end that was a general discussion of considerable interest.

We are pleased to thank some important people from the English-speaking community for attending such as Mr. Tim Hemmings, Deputy Head of Mission, from the British Embassy, whose contribution was highly valued.





BREXIT TALK - 23rd May

Living, working or studying in Spain ... "POST-BREXIT. What are the issues that will affect you?" The lawyer Margaret Hauschild Rey of Bennet & Rey Lawyers, specialising in Spanish Citizenship, Migration and Family Law will be hosting a special open evening get-together and Q&A session, in which she will talk about key issues affecting the English-speaking community.

Tuesday 23rd May 2017, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.
Universidad Villanueva: c/ Claudio Coello nº11. Madrid
Free entry.



To all our British clients, family members and friends. We are aware and understand your concern over the surprising result of the Brexit referendum, as indeed, we are concerned.

As experts in Spanish migratory law we can inform you of all the options, for example, how to acquire Spanish nationality or as a non-European citizen how to obtain residence in Spain. We must stress here that there will be a while now as we wait for the decision makers in Britain and in Brussels to decide exactly which the best way to proceed is.

It is reassuring that Article 50 of the EU which regulates the exit of a member nation from the union, establishes a period of 2 years to negotiate the withdrawal. As this is the first time this process has been applied a long period of negotiation can be expected.

This morning acting minister Mr Margallo and the acting President Mr Rajoy commented on the lengthy process of withdrawal and the probability that The United Kingdom will be afforded special status with regard to the EU.

We will keep you informed at all times of the changes taking place and all the options in order to adapt to these changes.

Brexit flags
Brexit flags


זה סוף סוף אושר – Zeh sof sof ushar

Finally on Thursday 12th June the Spanish Council of Ministers gave the green light for the proposed law which allows Sephardic Jews, descendants of those expelled from Spain in 1492, to obtain Spanish nationality.

At Bennet & Reywe are situated in the centre of Madrid close to the central Registry, the Ministry of Justice and the Registry of Notaries. We have a privileged location which allows us to make applications quickly and have direct access to information.

It is important to remember that applications will be dealt with in the order that they are received, and so it is good idea to have an application already prepared in order to be among the first to apply.

It will be essential to prove Sephardic descent and a knowledge of Spanish. The law as approved will allow Jews of Sephardic origin, whatever their place of residence, to obtain Spanish nationality without renouncing their current nationality.

The new law will come into force in October 2015.

At Bennet & Rey we have started preparing applications, and we will be pleased to help you.

We ask you to contact us as soon as possible at:

BENNET & REY LAWYERS, sponsors the theatre play EVERYMAN

Our firm is fulfilling a long-held dream of supporting a cultural event. Bennet and Rey is pleased to be one of the sponsors of the classic play EVERYMANbeing performed by the Madrid Players theatre group - which is this year celebrating 50 years of activity.

Everyman is a classic of English Theatre, a play which was anonymous and written in the 15th century. It was was one of the first English plays printed, in 1508.

Everyman is the best example still in existence of a medieval morality play. Originally this was a propaganda weapon of the church, which just like religious art illustrated Christian beliefs for a people who were generally illiterate. Today its popularity rests on the brilliant allegories of the False Friends, the Family, Possessions, Strength, Knowledge and Good Deeds.

It depicts a man, called Everyman, satisfied with himself until Death arrives to inform him of his imminent end. We follow his emotional journey from despair and fear of death to resignation and the chance of redemption.

As in all classic works which are still enjoyed we find ourselves with a series of themes which are timeless and which transcend the boundaries of culture and the passing years; and today it is still very relevant.

Everyman, directed by the brilliant Thisbe Burns and produced by the very experienced Aki Ginory, will be performed on the 12th, 13th and 14th June in Madrid in the Tribueñe theatre.

For more information go to:


The Spanish Congress gives the green light to Sephardy citizenship law

On the 20th November 2014 the proposed law which allows Sephardic Jews to obtain Spanish nationality as descendants of Jews expelled from Spain in 1492 completed its first step in the Spanish Congress.

The Minister of Justice, Rafael Catalá presented this law which his predecessor Alberto Ruiz Gallardón had promoted, and he defined it as “historical because it closes a painful chapter in our history”.

The government calculates in a first estimate that, over the years that this plan lasts, they will deal with perhaps 90,000 applications from Sephardis seeking to obtain Spanish nationality while preserving their own.

On the 6th June 2014 it was first announced that the law which allowed double nationality for Sephardi had been approved. On 13th June the proposed law was published in the Official Bulletin of the Spanish Parliament.

Do not forget that the law has still not come into force. (For that reason it is still referred to as a proposed law). The fifth section of this proposed law says that it will come into force within 6 months of publication in the Official Bulletin of the State (BOE). As of today it still has not been published there.

It is important to note that once this law has been published in the Official Bulletin of the State (BOE) it will only be valid for 3 yearsThat is to say, Sephardis will only have three years to apply for this double nationality.

If you have your file prepared already, you will be one of the first to be able to apply for double nationality. Start your application now. We shall be pleased to help you. The provisional proposal for the law says all applications will be dealt with in the order in which the documents and the information required are received.

Below Mr. Rafael Catalá, Minister of Justice defending the law in the Spanish Congress on 20th November 2014