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  • Experience and reliability: we are experts in migration law and applications for citizenship. We are very familiar with the procedure since we have been involved for some time now in applications for Spanish citizenship made by Britons who are resident in Spain.
  • We are registered members of the Madrid College of Lawyers.
  • Legal advice: we study each case individually, and we offer the best legal solution.
  • nformation: we keep you informed at every moment concerning the progress of your application and any changes in the law.
  • Personal service, and listening to you: we understand what a change of nationality involves – and the uncertainties which may arise.
  • Speed: our main office is in central Madrid, where the principal Civil Registry and the Justice Ministry are located.
  • Responsibility: as your lawyers we will keep you informed about what the laws really say – without raising false hopes.
  • We have a presence in all of Spain: although our main office is in Madrid, we can work with you in any part of Spain.


In Bennet & Rey we inform you of the different options available.

What we know now is that in the event of a no-deal Brexit the Spanish authorities will apply the Royal Decree (or law) 5/2019 passed on 1st March 2019 – provided that the British authorities respect the rights of Spanish citizens who are resident in the United Kingdom.

In this a period of 21 months will be established for UK citizens legally resident in Spain to apply for  non-European status.

In the event of Brexit with an agreement it is expected that there will be a transitional period until 31st December 2020 – which could be extended.


We know that this is not a simple decision and therefore we want to help you.

At Bennet and Rey, we have had considerable experience of applying for Spanish citizenship on behalf of British citizens, and we always keep a close eye on the process as in a way we feel as involved as the clients. Since March 2017 we have been organising talks in order to give people information on the consequences of Brexit.

Can I apply for Spanish citizenship? Am I eligible?

If you are a British citizen, resident in Spain, you have the right to apply for Spanish citizenship under the following conditions:

  • if you have been living legally in Spain for 10 consecutive years.
  • if you are married to a Spanish citizen and have been living legally in Spain for at least a year since the marriage.
  • if you were born in Spain and have been living legally in Spain for at least a year before making the application.

Depending on your circumstances, other possibilities may exist.

At Bennet&Rey we inform you of the different options which you may have.


Please follow this link to see our article published in the “El Pais” newspaper.

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