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At Bennet and Rey we know that divorce or separation is a very difficult moment in your personal life.

For this reason we treat our clients with the greatest care while we also fully protect their interests with regard to third persons so that we can offer them the best protection possible. At Bennet and Rey we give advice both for a divorce with mutual agreement and for one which is contentious, and our team is specialised in this area. We are also experts in dealing with parent-child measures, which will be needed for the children when the parents are no longer married, and which, like the divorce itself, affect the rights of the children – for example custody, visits and allowances.

There are three main types of divorce:

  1. A divorce by mutual agreement In principle we try to reach an agreement between the parties since what is decided will affect the life of the whole family for many years. We realise that this should be the preferred route.
  2. A disputed divorce If after attempts to do so it is not possible to reach an agreement, we will go by the contentious route, starting with a lawsuit in a court. (Is it possible to reach an agreement although a divorce is contentious? Yes, our legislation allows that even if there is already a contentious procedure in action, the two sides can later reach an agreement. In this case the agreement will then be presented to the court and the court will be asked to modify the contentious divorce to one of mutual agreement.) At Bennet and Rey we make every effort to defend the rights of our clients in the courts.
  3. International divorce When one of the parents is a foreigner, divorces and any measures involve an international element which makes them more complex and perhaps interesting -that is why we consider ourselves one of the offices most specialised in international family law.

What happens if you don’t live in Spain?

  1. It is not necessary to be in Spain for all the process. We recommend that you give powers to your lawyer to represent you.
  2. In a divorce with mutual agreement, although there are courts which accept a power of attorney in which it refers to the divorce case with its official number, we recommend that you appear in person for the ratification.
  3. In a contentious divorce or where there are measures concerning the children – which are often disputed – we recommend that you appear for the hearings at least.

What does Bennet and Rey contribute to your divorce case?

  1. Experience and dedication: we are experts in family law and we know that our experience and dedication accompany and help our clients to find the best possible solution.
  2. We speak in English and or Spanish: we speak and we listen to you in the language which seems more comfortable to you, whether it is English or Spanish.
  3. We belong to the Lawyers Association of Madrid and we also practise in the whole of Spain: we belong to the ‘college of lawyers’ in Madrid but we are able to work anywhere in Spain.
  4. A serious approach: we give you genuine information about how your case is going, about what exactly the law says – without raising false hopes.
  5. Personalised attention: we realise how difficult the situation is and we understand the doubts which you may have and which we are at your disposition to deal with.
  6. Information: we keep you informed at every moment about what is happening with your case.
  7. A fixed price: we try from the start to give a fixed price for the whole procedure, so that our clients can calculate how much it is going to cost them. On occasions some unexpected expenses can arise but it is not normal. We like to keep our clients informed and with transparency.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Bennet and Rey Lawyers!
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