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At Bennet and Rey we will accompany you at every stage if you are buying or selling a property.

Maybe you have spotted the house of your dreams or you are just in the process of finding it, maybe you are selling a house or a flat. If you are buying, we’ll be with you until you receive the keys; and  if you are selling, we shall make sure that you receive the money from the sale!

If you cannot come to Spain, don’t worry as we can represent you and act in your name with a power from a notary – we can buy or sell a flat or a house on your behalf. We can sign the purchase contract and avoid your having to make unnecessary journeys.


We will give you legal advice and can negotiate in your name with the sellers or buyers. preparing the initial contract (“of arras”) and supervising the final sale or purchase.

For any sale or a purchase we will make sure that the necessary certificates and any legal documents are in order. We will help you to organise the payment of the necessary taxes.

For a purchase in particular, we shall be in contact with the notary, the property registry, banks and surveyors, obtaining all the necessary information to make sure your purchase will be a safe investment; also we shall be making sure that you receive the property in good condition.

Trust is important of course: we are lawyers and we belong to the College of Lawyers of Madrid.

We know Spanish law and the property market well; and so, we can protect your interests and your rights,  if it should be necessary, in dealings with the sellers, buyers  or  estate-agents

We speak English or Spanish – whichever language our client feels more comfortable using.

Also we buy properties on behalf of our clients, and if our client should wish we can contact estate agents and by using them look for the kind of properties which are clients want .

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