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When you leave

Moving home is a big decision in particular when it involves changing country.

At Bennet and Rey, we help you with all of the process, allowing you to concentrate on what is really important and leaving us to deal with the administration and any paperwork.

Our lawyers who speak English will keep you informed in English of the whole process.

Once you have taken the decision to move, one of the countless tasks which it is recommended that you carry out is to cancel your bank accounts – as it is easier to do this from Spain. However, there are occasions when this has to be done when you have already left the country.

At Bennet and Rey, we want to help you as we know the steps to take. Our English-speaking lawyers will accompany you and keep you informed in English about all of the stages of the process.

Often one of jobs to do when you decide to move is ending your rental agreement. Sometimes ending the agreement can become complicated because of the return of the deposit. In these cases, knowing the laws of the country and the way of negotiating is of paramount importance.

Bennet and Rey will help you with this process. Our English speaking lawyers will be in touch with you in English throughout the process and provide the best legal solutions to any problems.

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